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Ellie Hanson

Ellie Hanson

Ellie Hanson is the founder & creative expert behind NexTrend Design, specializing in Real Estate Staging, Interior ReDesign, and Color Marketing Psychology.

Ellie offers an enviable range of expertise. Her rich background of training & experience includes being an educator, color & fashion consultant, make-up artist, special feature speaker, sales & marketing professional, marketing executive, Art Director, business owner, floral designer, project manager for home renovations & commercial design projects, special event decorating, and more.

Ellie’s friends always enjoy a good laugh when talking about her tendency to go into show homes & tweak the placement of furniture & accessories or rearrange retail store displays to be more eye-catching. It’s always fun to know about her latest tweaking gig. It’s fair to say that Ellie was born with an eye for color & another one for design.

She trained in the USA as a Color Marketing Designer under one of the world’s most renowned experts on Color, Leatrice Eiseman. Her professional certification in Real Estate Staging & Interior ReDesign was with the CRDA, the Canadian ReDesign Association.

As a color & design professional, Ellie is living her dream of helping people beautify their homes while helping realtors, builders, & home owners market their homes more successfully. She has partnered with a reliable renovator for those necessary construction upgrades. Her specialized training in color marketing goes beyond interior design as a much needed service to industry, business, & the retail sector. Read more about her services here.

Ellie is warm, personable, and enjoys meeting people. Contact her for more information, consultations, special feature presentations for realtors, business groups, trade shows, women’s events. She’s also available for lunch!

Ellie Hanson

  • B.Ed. – Bachelor of Education, UBC
  • CRSS – Certified ReDesign & Staging Specialist, CRDA
  • PRES – Professional Real Estate Staging Designer
  • CMS – Color Marketing Stylist & Color Trends Forecaster, Eiseman Center for Color Training