Staging & Decorating a Luxury Home in Morgan Acres (How to deal with tan walls when painting isn’t an option)

Morgan Acres - 30th Ave. Den with Black & White Hollywood Chaise Lounge, black curly mirror, white throw & boa, accessories.

Morgan Acres is a more recently developed pocket of luxury homes just south of Morgan Creek in South Surrey BC. Morgan Acres – Entry Sign on 160th St. & 30th Ave. South Surrey BC. When I staged a beautiful $2 million dollar executive home in Morgan Acres about a year ago, every time I drove …

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3 Crucial Steps to Selling & The Risks of Not Getting the Order Right

Living Room 69Ave Surrey

We all want our “dream home” whether we’re selling or buying or staying put. Why not make those dreams come true with expert advice… Living Room 69Ave Surrey Learn the 3 crucial steps to selling your home & the risks you take if you don’t get the order right. Do you dream of buying something …

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