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Sutton Hotel LobbyEmbellishments! Get designer secrets here on how the Pros decorate Christmas Trees. I went to see 10 expertly decorated Christmas Trees at Vancouver’s downtown Sutton Place Hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, I was amazed by all the cars crowding around the curved driveway. Upon opening the front door… WOW!

The lobby was buzzing with people walking in every direction. The scene was a festive wonderland, not only with the exquisitely decorated Christmas trees, but the hotel had made a big effort to decorate the lobby as well.

Since I LOVE beauty, I suddenly became slightly overwhelmed with all the visual stimulation. There was so much to see, I didn’t know where to look at first… I was experiencing some visual shock.


Vancouver Sutton Place Hotel Christmas 2013Then I started to break it down into bite size pieces, admiring one tree at a time and giving each one some undivided attention.As I was admiring each one, I was struck by the world around me that seemed oblivious to all this beauty. People rarely stopped to REALLY look. They all seemed to be on a mission to go somewhere else. What’s the matter with these people?So what makes a Christmas tree look good, better, or bombshell gorgeous?

Here are some designer secrets that YOU can use to get that incredible professional look:


ChristmasTree - SnowJust like filling up your glass with egg nog, you don’t want your Christmas Tree half empty. Here they really went over & above the call of duty in filling it up.


Christmas Tree - CircusVariety is the “spice” of life and adds visual delight. Vary the degrees of colour & texture & objects. How fun is this one…

REPETITION creates a recognizable theme.

Vintage Christmas TreeHere numerous framed photos in various sizes & subject matter repeat the same colour, creating this Vintage Vancouver themed Christmas Tree. Notice the numerous white coloured ornaments are not all the same either but consistent with colour.


Feather Boas Christmas TreeRepeating the same colours like white or ivory can look stunning combined with mixed metals like silver, gold, & copper. How about adding sheer tulle, plumes, or feather boa garlands & bare white branches that stick out of the tree.

SAVVY Colour Combinations!

Colourful Christmas TreeInstead of traditional red & green, try hot pink & lime green to wake up the visual taste buds, or try an analagous colour combo like hot pink, purple, & cobalt blue. How about this tree for fabulous colour…

DEPTH creates intrigue

ChristmasTreeAvoid putting everything on the outer tips of the branches, which creates a one-dimensional appearance. Intentionally insert some decorations deeper into the tree for a three-dimensional look.That doesn’t necessarily mean spending outrageously to get a designer look. I’ve often inserted oversized floral stems like poinsettias or large metallic stemmed leaves or very wide sheer ribbon deeper into the tree to create more depth. Then once you add ornaments, it looks so much fuller.

LIGHT it up like a PRO!

EntireTree Create depth with your LIGHTS… Not all the lights should be on the outer tips of the branches which creates a one-dimensional look. Instead, you can create more interest with a three-dimensional professional look. Here’s how…

A number of years ago I learned the professional method of applying lights to Christmas Trees. The idea is to wind the lights around each branch so the lights go deep inside and back out along each branch of the tree. This is the way to permanently apply lights to your trees so you never have to add lights again. Your Christmas Trees get stored with lights firmly attached and then all you need to do each year is add the decorations. It’s a beautiful idea!

I not only did this for all 5 of my Christmas Trees (one of which is 10 feet tall), but I did this for a company some years ago that had 6 locations and wanted a decorated tree in each location. I had a blast shopping & decorating from one location to the next.

P-XmasTree:Masque-IMG_2073The professional method of applying lights is painstaking work but well worth the effort because you only have to do it ONCE! Some people have asked me to give them lessons on how to do this since most people can’t figure out some of the tricks involved in the process. For instance: How do you make sure you don’t have a whole bunch of lights left over at the end when you finish applying lights to your final branch? That actually sounds more like a tutorial or workshop rather than a blog post.


If you’d like to get more Christmas Tree decorating inspiration, head to downtown Vancouver to the Sutton Place Hotel to enjoy their beautiful Christmas Trees first hand. There’s nothing like capturing “the experience” which requires being there & absorbing it through all your senses. You can also vote for your favourite tree by donating $5 to charity.


Candleholders on fireplace Still not sure where to start with your decorating? You can always give us a call at 604-598-1842 or contact us at NexTrendDesign.com & schedule a colour & design consultation with Ellie Hanson. Simple consultations can do wonders to get you going in the right direction & help you live your dreams.
Merry Christmas!



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