Business Services

What is Business Staging?

Whether you’re selling your business or moving into a new location, business staging maximizes the visual impact & perceived value of your business.

The physical appearance of your business location is part of your branding message & needs to make a great first impression. When all aspects of your branding message are consistently professional & attractive, you’ll attract a larger pool of clients or buyers.

Business Staging for Moving

We all want greater presence in the marketplace. What will people experience when they come to your new business premises or retail location? Make it a great memorable first impression. It starts with assessing the outside curb appeal and making recommendations to create a more welcoming & enticing place to be.

We specialize in design impact with your interiors: first impressions of the front office and other priority areas that clients, customers, and prospects see. We focus our attention on space planning, colors, furniture placement, art and accessories, interior styling & marketing messages that suit your business & appeal to your clientele.

Business Staging for Selling

Home Staging TV shows & successful realtors have shown us repeatedly that staging can transform a home to attract a larger pool of buyers and ultimately result in a premium selling price and even create bidding wars.

Business staging for selling should begin one to two years in advance of the selling process. We’ll look at your facilities, inside and out, with a marketing designer’s critical eye to maximize value and give you the best curb appeal & interior design impact.

Color Forecasting & Color Marketing for Business

New product lines & redesigned product launches require significant planning, manufacturing adjustments, packaging decisions, design & color choices. Ellie Hanson’s expertise in Color Trends Forecasting & Color Designing gives her the unique ability to guide industry & business with product color and design decisions.

Studies show that at least 60% of all buying decisions are based on color, so it’s vitally important for businesses to reach their target market with appropriately colored products.

If you personally love brown, would you still go ahead and market brown cell phones to the teen generation if you were told by an expert Color Marketing Designer that the brown trend of the last 20 years is over? Have you noticed that the gray trend has been emerging for 5 years already but gray leather sofas still can’t be found? An expert Color Marketing Designer would gladly advise companies when to get on board with emerging trend colors that apply to their particular product lines & target market.

Staying on the cutting edge of evolving color trends is important knowledge that factors into color decisions for virtually every product. It can make the difference between product success or failure… and ultimately business success or failure.

When you’re considering a color or design change on your products or need a presentation on emerging color trends, email Ellie Hanson or call at 604-598-1842