Color Marketing For Business

Experts say color is pure emotion. A “feeling” response that dictates a whopping 60% of our response to a place or product. That makes color the main determining factor in our buying decisions. Why do we feel that sense of attraction & appeal in one home while feeling uneasy in another? Why are there constantly new, more adventurous colors in cell phones being introduced every year?

If color is so influential in all our buying decisions, we can begin to understand why industry experts have sought out color marketing consultants to advise them on how to communicate the right message to the right market.

Color marketing is both an Art and a Science. Professional Color Marketing consultants are trained to understand the messages that color communicates, & then apply this knowledge effectively in order to “target your market.” A professional Color Marketing Consultant can become very valuable in making those strategic color decisions for industry and business, as well as Interior Design.

What exactly is a Color Marketing Consultant?

Someone with extensive training, knowledge & ability in the various disciplines of color, such as…

Color Trends & Color Forecasting

Identifying emerging color trends is serious business & fulltime work for some professional color forecasters. The public has an insatiable appetite for color trend information…and most magazines & newspapers feature articles about colors that are already available…what’s new & hot in the marketplace. But why would it be important to find out about color trends 1-3 years ahead of time…before they are actually seen in the marketplace? Before they’re even “born” as new colors for cars, cell phones, fabrics, beddings, & furniture? It’s crucial for color-sensitive industries, such as interior designers, product manufacturers & the fashion industry to be on the cutting edge of color trend information. A Color Marketing Consultant is a valuable resource for insider color trend information.

Color Theory, Color Psychology, & Color Marketing Intelligence

Color Theory is essentially the understanding of the color wheel and the intricacies of how cool & warm colors relate to each other in countless color combinations. Training in color theory is generally referred to as Color 101 because it’s a very important first step…but there’s so much more to know.

Color Psychology is the in depth study of how colors affect people psychologically & physiologically. Wherever you look, whether it’s a show home or product or advertisement, color is communicating some kind of message. Whether it’s a blatant message or a subliminal one, color always has considerable effects on people. Color Psychology translates into Color Marketing for the professional who’s making sure the right message & mood is communicated to the right market in order to solicit the desired response.

Color Marketing Intelligence also involves “behind the scenes” color & marketing research, including competitive surveillance & analysis. It’s the successful culmination of the art & science of color…using all the color & marketing disciplines to strategically get the right message to the right market.

Color marketing intelligence is especially valuable in industry and business, whenever a new color, product line, or product update is in the works.

TIP: Don’t let distance get between us.

Color Marketing Consulting & Interior ReDesign Consulting can now be effectively done even from a great distance away. The beauty of today’s global marketplace and the internet age allows someone almost anywhere in the world to contract my services in Vancouver BC Canada, sometimes without any travel at all. So much can be done through pictures sent online and today’s standardized global color systems. With online consulting, you can get my recommended color & design ideas in an exact color match anywhere in the world.

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