Interior ReDesign

Redesigned groupingHomes are for living, but life is always changing & evolving: having children, growing families, empty nesting, reclaiming rooms, merging households, downsizing, upsizing, moving in, setting up a home-based business office, or just because. There comes a time for updating & refreshing the place you call home.

Interior ReDesign focuses on restyling & updating your space using some or all of your existing d├ęcor while potentially adding a few new items and new paint colors to give it a brand new fresh look. Choose from any number of options:


1. Move-In ReDesign

When you’ve just moved into your new space, take the stress out of space planning, color choices, & placing furniture & accessories. Start off right in your new digs with a Move-In ReDesign Consultation.

2. Use What U Have ReDesign

No need to spend a dime buying more furniture if you’re happy with what you have. It’s quite amazing what can be done with your own stuff. We’ll rearrange furniture, accessories, & artwork. We’ll shop the rest of your home to come up with items that work best in the makeover room. Choose according to your needs:

  • One Day Makeover (up to 3 rooms)
  • One Room Makeover
  • Complete Home Makeover

3. Color Consultations

  • Paint color updates
  • color scheming

TIP: For better color choices, hire someone with extensive professional training in color.

NexTrend Design offers extensive professional training & background in color theory, color psychology, color trends, & color marketing.

4. Decorating Consultations

  • Accessory & Artwork Placement
  • Furniture Arrangement
  • Special challenges

5. Shopping Service

If you’d rather have a color & design professional shop for you, I’m your gal. (grocery shopping not included)

6. Home Improvements

Whether you’re staying or selling, home improvements are valuable updates that improve the quality of life & the value of your home. They’re easy to do because improvements don’t necessarily involve construction. Home improvements are surface improvements, such as updating paint colors, window treatments, appliances, doors, ceiling light fixtures, etc.

7. Renovations

Not sure what should or shouldn’t be renovated? Is it worth the investment or not? Whether you’re staying or selling, a Real Estate Marketing Consultation can help you make better strategic decisions. Renovations can include new cabinetry, floors, light fixtures, bathroom & kitchen makeovers, new color schemes, etc. NexTrend Design can make recommendations or be your resident PM… Project Manager.

TIP: Hire someone with experience when renovating.

NexTrend Design has partnered with a reliable renovator and Ellie has supervised commercial & residential expansion projects and renovations.

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