Real Estate Staging

Staging is the art of marketing your home to create immediate interest by presenting it in the most attractive way. To sell your home, it needs to look better than the competition, which often includes brand new homes.

Home Staging, or Property Styling, is a proven marketing strategy that maximizes profit & minimizes time on the market. As Staging professionals, we are trained in the visual, practical, & psychological elements that help a buyer mentally & emotionally move into a home.

Staging Options:

1. DIY Staging Consultation (Do It Yourself)

A staging consultation involves meeting with you in your home for 1-3 hours to assess what needs to be done to get your home ready for sale. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a report with detailed recommendations on what to do in every room of the house. Then you go ahead and DIY. Recommendations may include things like pre-packing personal collections, de-cluttering, reorganizing closet & storage space, buying a new bedspread or artwork, rearranging furniture & accessories, painting, etc. You’ll feel like a decorator in training…with professional guidance, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.

TIP for Homeowners:

How to get a Staging Consultation for FREE…

1.  Get FREE staging services by hiring the right realtor.  Successful realtors hire professional stagers, which means THEY’LL pay for the consultation instead of YOU.  It’s a very successful marketing strategy for savvy realtors, so their investment in staging could save you $100, $500, or even $1000’s!  Successful realtors know that staged homes sell 50% faster & for 6.4% more money in today’s market.  How great is that!  There are some very good rea$on$ to ask your realtor if they provide staging services as part of their marketing package.

2.  Get rewarded for referring realtors to NexTrend Design.  Get a free $100 consultation of your choice once your referred realtor hires me for $250 or more.


2. Professional Staging

After your initial staging consultation, you can choose to DIY or leave some of the homework to the stager, such as shopping to buy some new furniture or accent pieces where needed. We can restyle & rearrange your rooms while you’re busy at work, so your life can continue normally without distraction & disruption.

3. Staging with Rentals

Rentals are used when furnished or partially furnished homes require updates & décor additions based on popular design trends. Sometimes a few extras will make rooms come alive for buyers who need to imagine themselves living there. We handle the staging process for you & rent what’s necessary to complement what you already have.

4. Vacant Home Staging

If the homeowner has already moved or it’s brand new construction of a home, townhouse, or condo, vacant home staging involves renting all the furniture and accessories to turn it into show home quality. Home owners, realtors, and BUILDERS all have a vested interest in hiring a staging professional for their vacant homes.

TIP: Furnished homes sell faster than vacant homes

Potential buyers have difficulty getting proper size & scale perspectives of the space without décor. Did you know that empty rooms actually appear smaller than furnished rooms? If you ever have the chance to see a show home with furniture and the same size home next to it with none, you’ll be shocked & amazed at how absolutely true this is.

5. Final Tweaking

Don’t worry…right before MLS photos are taken, I like to come in again for a final tweaking & make sure everything is ready for Open House…show time! Additional fees may apply.

6. Curb Appeal Consultation

From the curb, the first glimpse of your home needs to be inviting. We can suggest upgrades that could include exterior painting, removing or pruning trees & shrubs, upgrading various structural & visual elements, etc.


The average buyer takes 15 seconds to decide if this is the home for them. You can then understand how important it is to start with curb appeal.

7. Rentals

We have access to various sources for furniture & accessory rentals. Rentals are used for staging vacant homes or occupied homes that need some updating. Some people opt for rentals when they move into their next home until they’re ready to buy their own furniture.

8. Home Improvements or Renovations?

A Real Estate Marketing Consultation of 1 hour or more will give the home owner and realtor a realistic picture on what needs to be done to market the home for an optimal selling price. Extensive or invasive renovations are not necessarily the best option because much can be done cosmetically with surface home improvements. Always consider COST vs. BENEFIT. Choosing which way to go depends on any number of factors, but home improvements and renovations can be highly beneficial when selling and marketing to attract top dollar for your home.

9. Real Estate Marketing Consultations – For Builders, Realtors, & Home Owners

In 1 hour or more, we can determine the best course of action to get the most favorable

selling price for your listing. We come on site to assess what’s needed and then use our COST VS. BENEFIT analysis to determine the priorities for your listing. These marketing consultations can include:

  • Complete Vacant Home Assessments
  • Complete Occupied Home Assessments
  • Home Improvement vs. Renovation Assessments
  • Curb Appeal Assessments
  • Staging Consultations



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