NexTrend Design now offers Custom Original Wall Art Paintings For Homeowners, Businesses, and Staging Professionals

Having trouble finding the wall art in Vancouver that you love for your home or business? Mass produced prints under glass or wobbly “plastic” canvas prints may have allowed you to start putting art on your walls, but now you’re looking for art that’s original and uniquely suited to your space. A well designed space with coordinated wall art gives you an even better look and feel than you can imagine on your own.

Custom Original Art for Staging

Staging professional know first hand that finding the right size, colors, and styles in artwork to coordinate a home or business can be a shopping marathon and sometimes a nightmare. Stagers often can’t find “the ideal” mass produced wall art in Vancouver, so then we have to settle for second or third best with what’s readily available in stores.

Another problem is the glare that’s caused by glass & shiny finishes on mass produced prints. As professional stagers, photos of our beautifully designed rooms communicate everything about the quality of our work. When photos of our work show glare & reflections on wall art, we miss the entire impact of the art and it severely diminishes the visual impact of the room. How much better to enjoy the full impact of the artwork’s colors and design without any glare!

Custom Original Acrylic Paintings for Home, Business, & Corporate Interiors

Original acrylic paintings on canvas provide customization in home decor wall art that mass produced prints can rarely offer. We’ll start with a consultation in your space to determine a color scheme, design style, sizes & number of pieces of art. Ellie will then paint original pieces of wall art that are completely customized & sized to suit your walls & the room’s furnishings & decor.

Custom Original Wall Art for sale or rent

We welcome Corporations, the Staging Industry, and the Movie Industry to rent or purchase customized original art from NexTrend Design.

Call or email Ellie Hanson at NexTrend Design, your Vancouver Wall Art specialist for a consultation to customize wall art for your interior space.